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DURA Innovations custom reagents 

Expedite and simplify your sample preparation. A simpler workflow can reduce prep time and reagent waste.

Dry Reagents

Only Beckman Coulter Life Sciences can provide you with this proprietary technology, available as off-the-shelf reagents, through Custom Design Services (CDS), or in bulk through Contract Manufacturing Services (CMS).

Dry, Unitized Reagent Assays


  • The drying process creates a uniform reagent layer at the bottom of the tube.
  • DURA reagents requires no refrigeration. Ever.
  • You can produce a single batch and store it at room temperature for the study duration.


  • Custom panels are supplied in a single-use cocktail per tube/plate, ready for addition of sample.


  • The stable reagent layer at the bottom of the tube helps ensure optimum tube-to-tube and batch-to-batch consistency.
  • Cocktails can include calibration beads for absolute cell counting (optional).


  •  Conjugates are suitable for flow cytometry


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