DNAdvance Performance and Data

Genomic DNA Isolation from Mammalian Tissue Samples

The DNAdvance kit is a high-throughput genomic DNA (gDNA) isolation reagent kit enabling the purification of high-quality DNA from mammalian tissue samples. The DNAdvance kit is built on SPRI paramagnetic bead-based technology and offers greater recovery of high-quality gDNA than other commercially available DNA isolation kits. You can use the high-quality DNA isolated for a variety of downstream analysis including NGS.

  • Compatible with a variety of downstream analysis tools such as:
    • NGS
    • PCR applications
    • Genotyping
  • Isolates higher quality gDNA as compared to competitor kits
  • Uses SPRI paramagnetic bead-based technology


High Recovery of High-Quality gDNA

Genomic DNA was extracted from 20 mg liver tissue using DNAdvance and other suppliers’ kits. [Figure 1] Samples were quantified using the NanoDrop (Thermo Fisher Scientific). The DNAdvance kit recovered higher amounts of gDNA than the kits from the other suppliers. [Figure 2] Samples were accessed for purity using the NanoDrop (Thermo Fisher Scientific). For liver tissue, DNAdvance purified gDNA with A260/280 ratios within satisfactory.

Genomics Genfind v2 DNA Yield

Figure 1

Genomics Genfind v2 DNA Purity

Figure 2


Extracts DNA From a Variety of Tissue Types

The gDNA yield from five different tissue types. The yields were quantified using the NanoDrop (Thermo Fisher Scientific). The purity of samples was accessed using the NanoDrop (Thermo Fisher Scientific); the A260/280 ratios are shown in the last two columns and are satisfactory for downstream applications.

Tissue Type gDNA Tield (µG) DNA Purity (A260/A280)
Liver 33.5 1.90
Brain 8.07 1.83
Kidney 16.1 1.84
Lung 7.28 1.77
Tail 5.38 1.76


Visual Workflow

Genomics DNAdvance Workflow 
  1. Lyse tissue in Lysis Buffer and Proteinase K
  2. Bind DNA to magnetic beads
  3. Separate magnetic beads from contaminants
  4. Wash the magnetic beads with 70% ethanol to remove contaminants
  5. Repeat the wash step 3 times
  6. Elute DNA from magnetic beads
  7. Transfer to new plate


Automation Vs. Manual Timing

Estimated hands-on time and total time in hours, required to perform DNAdvance DNA extractions. The estimated time does not take into account the overnight lysis step. Extractions can be performed either manually or automated on a Biomek Workstation. The table represents automated times preformed on a Biomek i-Series Multichannel. The difference in time between manual and automation is indicated (NR=not recommended).

DNAdvance Manual Automated
Batch Size 8 Hands-on Time 1.00 0.25
Total Time 1.50 0.87
24 Hands-on Time 1.50 0.25
Total Time 2.00 0.87
96 Hands-on Time NR 0.25
Total Time NR 0.87
480 Hands-on Time NR 0.25
Total Time NR 2.25
960 Hands-on Time NR 0.25
Total Time NR 4.25


DNA Extraction From Tissue Products

A48705 DNAdvance Kit  384
A48706 DNAdvance Kit  9600

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
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